Award winning Checked In Care app is for all care organisations

Multi-service care industry providers as well as Home Care, Residential Care, Retirement Living and Disability Care service providers can all get improved care and operational outcomes from use of the Checked In Care app. Seamlessly connect everyone in your organisation with those in your care, their family and friends to benefit from:

  • Improved care delivery.
    • Clinical, social and community-based care and support can all be delivered with your own branded app
    • Improved connection provides opportunity for additional care and support.
    • Personalised knowledge and insights support the care of each care recipient
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
    • Greater transparency, connection and social interaction result in customer retention across the whole care journey.
    • Seniors connecting for the first time can choose from alternate navigator options and enjoy a seamless experience
  • More efficient and effective staff.
    • Your staff have everything they need in one mobile app.
    • They are better supported to meet their compliance obligations

Our easy-to-use mobile app delivers a personalised experience for each user. Your care recipients, their family and friends as well as management and staff of your organisation get to view and access information based on their individual needs and capability.

Multi award winning aged care industry and disability care app