for people with a Disability

Dramatically improve customer satisfaction

Your own self branded app that:

  • Builds Trust

    Keeps families informed with direct, open and transparent information

  • Connects family

    Private 1-1 messaging, picture and video updates between family members. Keep extended family up to date

  • Requires minimal staff effort

    Family administration done by Family/NoK inviting other family members to join circle of support

  • Minimises complaints

    Family have full visibility of weekly and monthly activities, including progress to goals

  • Increases choice

    Allow family to order extra products and services, book respite services

  • Increases customer satisfaction

    Direct correlation to use of Connect “what’s happening updates” and customer satisfaction

  • Allows self service

    View NDIS budget, approve invoices and payments

  • Rapid deployment

    Realise value immediately – Can deploy to all staff and sites within 2 weeks