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The Connect app is an easy to use app that connects family and friends to their loved ones in care. Access the latest news and updates from the care facility, get personalised updates about your loved one and provide feedback to your provider.

Click here to email us or call our team on 1300 30 CARE (2273) if you need more help.

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Introduction to Connect App


How to view shared stories and comment on a story


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Help with submitting feedback option


How to add a new family member in Connect


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Connect run on my phone? What phones are supported?
Connect supports Apple iPhones versions 6s and above and Android 7 and above.

I cannot get the App to install and log in on my phone.

Please check that your phone’s software is up to date and that your phone is supported (iPhone6s and above or Android 7 and above) If you cannot find the app in your store, search for ‘CiC Connect or Checked in Care’ Have you been supplied with login details? If not, please check with your provider. Check that you are entering your login and password (tap on the ‘eye’ icon to see your password as you type).

How is privacy handled with ‘What’s happening’ and ‘Share a story’?
Your privacy is Important to us. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of all personal information and photos between family members and their loved ones.

To this end, posts shared by you and your other family members with your loved one are only visible to your circle.

If requested by you, staff using the Connect app can individually tag your loved one when they share a story to ensure that it doesn’t become visible to the rest of the residents and is only visible to your family members.

As the family member you’ll be able to view general group stories of activities, excursions or events shared by the staff and enjoy the regular updates from your loved one.

Who can access my information on the app?
Only those that you have given us your permission to add or you have personally invited via onto the app will have visibility of your information on the app.

Who can add additional family members?
Family members who’ve been designated as the next of kin have the ability to also add additional family members.

What does adding a family member mean?
In the Connect app, family members who’ve been designated as next of kin see an extra button which allows them to create accounts for family members who can then log in to the Connect app.

Can we have more than one next of kin?
No, only one family member is designated as the next of kin. If requested another family member can be designated as the next of kin.

How do I get designated as the next of kin?
You’ll need to make a request to the service provider.

Instead of adding family members myself, can I have the service provider do it?
Yes, you can provide the details: name, email address and the relationship to the resident, and the account information can be emailed back to the family member.

How does the shared scheduler work?
On the Connect app there’s a “Scheduler” tile with the name of your loved one e.g. “John Smith’s Scheduler”.

The scheduler provides a calendar view of upcoming appointments/events for your loved one. Family members, staff members and your loved one (if they’ve been provided with a tablet) can add an appointment to the scheduler and can be seen by each of the parties.

Staff members can add individual appointments regarding your loved one e.g. a dental appointment that will only be visible to your family members. Staff can also create public appointments such as a lunch time musical recital which can be seen on the schedulers of other residents and their family members as well.

Family members can add an appointment such as a visit by grandkids on a certain day which will be visible by the staff.

How much notice is required if I request a change to a visit via the app?
You will only be able to request changes to visits 48hrs, or longer, in advance. Visits within 48hours you should your provider.

Can I add appointments/events to my loved one’s scheduler?
Yes, you can.

On the Connect app, click on the scheduler tile. On the bottom right corner you’ll see a floating circle button with a plus sign in it. Clicking on this button will pop up an “Add New Event” window in which you can add details of the appointment/event of your choosing.

Will the app have new features added in the future?
Yes. We will continually look to add new features and improvements to the app. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you have. Email support@checkedincare.com.au

What happens when I submit feedback from the app?
Your feedback will be sent to your service provider who will contact you to follow up.

What should I do if I have forgotten my login or password?
Please contact your service provider, you’ll be provided with the correct details.

How does video calling work?
If requested by a family member, staff can initiate a video call using their Connect staff app to the Connect app used by the family members.

I am receiving daily visit notifications, do I need to do anything with these?
The notifications regarding upcoming visits you receive each day do not require you to take any action. We have programmed these as reminders about upcoming services in case you haven’t looked at your schedule recently. If you don’t wish to receive these alerts daily and cannot turn them off yourself please contact Checked In Care for assistance on 1300 302 273.