for Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF)

Connect app delivers

For Clients

  • Provide connection with family and loved ones through secure, encrypted video calling
  • Increase activities and social interaction through a common schedule and calendar
  • Simple layout makes it easy to use even for the most technophobic
  • Social games, such as bingo, scrabble, art groups, reading groups, that interconnect clients and residents across your range of facilities and operations.
  • Meal and activity selection
  • Receive photos and updates from family
  • Provide feedback, request a service
  • View picture of your next meal, including weekly meal order items

For Management

  • Improving revenue and efficiency – Enable your residents and clients to obtain information and knowledge.
  • Show increased choices, family interaction, increase compliance and reduce complaints
  • Increase occupancy and speed to fill new facilities
  • Self branded app with logos and colour pallette
  • Building trust with families and your facility
  • Comprehensive reporting across all Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards
  • Cross sell activities and added extras
  • Telehealth video sessions
  • Budget and invoice information and approval for payment options
  • Help throughout the sales process with potential clients and families

For Staff

  • Single client view – all of your systems integrated into one app that gives you a comprehensive overview of your client
  • Video calls to families
  • Simple one touch video calling for case conferences and telehealth
  • Namaste room- reduce time to settle agitated residents
  • Clients can make their own meal and activity selections via the Connect App
  • Use a mobile device to enter information while doing rounds

For Families

  • What’s happening- news of the day, daily activities that your loved one has been involved
  • See medication charts, care plans, view invoices and statements,
  • Feedback, surveys and complaints
  • Order products and services for your loved one

“The Connect platform is reducing complaints and increasing customer satisfaction”

“Saving 5200 hours per annum, or 2 FTEs staff- a huge return on investment”