We deliver on your needs of increasing occupancy, revenue and compliance by:

  • Increasing Client Satisfaction through transparency, connection, social interaction

  • Reducing social isolation. Connecting to loved ones.

  • Providing personalised insights into the care of each client

  • Efficient and effective staff - everything your staff need from one app

CONNECT – Your self branded app that provides:

  • Customer Experience Platform for Holistic Care

    Clinical, social, emotional and community based support, all via one self branded APP

  • Customer retention across the whole Care Journey

    One self branded  app for the whole care journey

  • Rapid Deployment

    Bupa and Australian Unity deploy sites within 2 weeks

  • Respect for the care journey

    Seniors connect for the first time  user, with seamless alternate navigator options

  • Provices personalised content

  • Staff Compliance

    Everything your staff need from one app

Connect workflows – Award winning solution