We are passionate about providing a better quality of life, whilst at the same time substantially reducing the cost to do so. A holistic support model does more than just including the care needs of an individual – it must also include other key support items such as emotional, social, spiritual, medical and financial advice and support.

By providing a more holistic support approach by activating the support community, whether this be the care worker, family, friends, allied health, community group or volunteer. Today’s communities are both physical and virtual- we enable both of these communities by our simple, easy to use Connect app.

Our Vision

A Better quality of life delivered more cost effectively through the innovative use of technology.

Our Philosophy

We achieve our vision by –

  • Holistic support by activating the Support Circle
  • Everyone’s support needs are as unique as their thumb print and can change on a daily basis
  • Informed decisions by the right person at the right time
  • Any environment (physical and virtual) can be designed to minimise the impact of a person’s ailments ( such as ageing)
  • Ease of use, using existing resources (such as existing smart devices)

Our Deliverables

  • A single service app, that provides the right information, to the right person at the right time, to best support those needing support
  • For those not in care – A free app to enable the senior, their family, friends and the broader community to provide the senior the confidence to stay in their home for as long as possible- The IamOK feature within our Connect app
  • For those in care – A Provider branded customer experience platform that connects the care and support community throughout the entire client journey, whilst maximising compliance, minimising risk, and optimising revenues.

Shown to Reduce Depression

Our vision is a better quality of life – our continual focus is how to reduce depression by increasing independence and family and social connectivity, whilst building models to improve “sense of self worth” by keeping the client, and/or their chosen navigator/s in control. A study by Uniting Agewell in May 2017 showed a direct correlation to the use of our Seniors Connect platform and the reduction in depression- This has led to a full Academic Research project by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) that is showing which aspects of the platform have the biggest impact on reducing depression ( to be completed in 2020)

Our Future

Holistic Predictive Care – CiC is constantly innovating with AI models to enable predictive care, that takes into consideration data from – clinical inputs, sensors in the home for activity and meal tracking, biometrics, emotional inputs, such as how are you feeling today and survey ratings to products and services delivery, social connections, showing involvement of family versus the normal

Our Founders Story

John Perkins

Our Founder, John Perkins’ journey to starting Checked in Care was a direct result of his own personal experiences, with a passion to make a difference and find solutions that help the global ageing issue.

John is also an owner of Ethan Group, Australia’s largest privately owned IT company, with revenues exceeding $200 Million. For the past 25 years, John’s focus has been on aged care, with his focus on being to improve the quality of life to those needing support, whilst also reducing the cost to do so, through the effective use of technology.

In 2006, John lost one of his daughters, Olivia, to a rare disease. John, and his wife Justine, started the Touched By Olivia Foundation. Amazingly, they helped to find a treatment to the disease that killed Olivia, with Touched By Olivia then focussing on changing the global landscape of Inclusive Play. Today, Touched By Olivia is achieving its vision in ensuring that communities implement inclusive communities, through the Inclusive Playground network called Livvi’s places, which allow all kids to play side by side, regardless of their ability. As John notes “A key learning from our Inclusive Livvi’s Place playgrounds is that it is not the disability that causes the inability to play, it is the lack of the designed environment, meaning that any environment can be designed to minimise the impact of a disability.”

This concept was rammed home again when John’s Dad had a fall and went into a Care Facility, where the lack of the designed environment exacerbated the issue of social isolation. The next year, John started Checked In Care, to provide a better “designed virtual environment” that would improve the over all Quality of Life to those in care, whilst reducing the cost to do so. Today, Checked In Care Customer experience platform is by far the market leading platform, and is utilised across a wide range of NDIS, HCP, RV and RACF Providers.