Keep Physical Distance, not Social Distance, via the Free COVID-19 App for Aged Care Facilities.          

COVID-19 App - Keeping people safe, connected and informed virtually

Tuesday 24th March 2020: With the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must keep our physical distance from others. This is even more important for Aged Care facilities that have gone into lock down to protect the most vulnerable. But social connection is vitally important.

Remain socially connected whilst keeping your physical distance, with the CheckedIn Care  free COVID-19 App, available for Smart Phones and Tablets via Google Play and Apple Store.

This Free App can immediately enable video calling to keep your clients and families connected, to help reduce social isolation of your clients during lock down. The key advantages include:

- Free, encrypted, video calling within COVID-19 app, that also meets tele health requirements

- Staff can see all residents on their device, they choose resident and then chosen family member/s to call

- Residents can speak  to approved family and friends using video teleconferencing in our easy-to-use App

- Only takes 2 hours to set up a Registered Aged Care Facility (RACF) Additional options include

- Family can get daily updates and family can also send through photos and updates

- Family can order extra products and services for their loved ones.

The COVID-19 App is also available for Government Departments to use to communicate with the broader public, especially those at risk. (Subject to fees)

CheckedIn Care, via its Connect App platform, has been providing direct, transparent and dynamic information for clients, staff and families of the Australian Aged Care sector since 2015.

The Connect App has helped to reduce family stress levels, as they have up to date information on their loved one’s health status.

For more information on the COVID-19 App    or to discuss your needs, call John on 0415 607 055 or email

Information Downloads - Coronavirus App

How to Use  Coronavirus (COVID-19) App - Click here (PDF)    

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) App - Click here (PDF)