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Providing the capability for aged care clients to live longer and live better. Learn more about Care Cohort™

What clients think?

Care Cohort™ for Community and RACF clients

Proven integration with health systems, pathology workflows, telehealth, medical records, smart TVs, hospitality and guest services, with personalised and customised information displayed on the screen of your choice.

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What staff think?

Care Cohort™ for Care Staff and Family

Information when you need it, where you need it, regardless of whether you are a GP, allied health professional, management or staff, residents or family and friends.

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Enabling Care in place

Care Cohort™

CheckedIn Care’s core product, is a platform app that enables aging and care in place by actively engaging the care cohort into the care outcomes. Via any smart device, the care cohort can be alerted to changes in a person’s health trends, and can then take proactive steps to improve the care outcomes.

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Solutions for Community & RACF

An enhanced telecare services platform

Care Cohort™ Wellness Home Care uses an advanced interface that allows family members to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring. Flexible solutions enable monitoring parameters to be adapted to the needs of the resident, with the option of a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

Care Cohort™ Wellness PERS Active seamlessly extends the protection of an existing Care Cohort™ Wellness system beyond the home coverage area. Ensuring safety and enabling seniors to stay active and independent while remaining connected to their service provider and their family.

A smart emergency response device with intelligent voice activation. Used in conjunction with CareCohort™ Wellness, Smart Alerting provides an added layer of care that ensures elderly residents receive emergency attention even in situations where they are unable to activate available panic buttons.